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Theodosia · Burr · Goodman

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I am pleased to Announce that I've gotten the role of Juliet in the film Romeo and Juliet.

It is so much of an honor to realize that Vamp roles aren't the only thing that they're giving me. Yet even so, I do believe that what they might give me will be a much more vampish version of Juliet. But that doesn't bother me much - I've always seen Juliet as not being as vampy as the roles that I have gotten.

* * *
I only have a few words for you today.

Miriam Cooper is truly a pitiful and hateful creature.

That is all.

* * *
For the wonderfully interested, here are the provisions of my contract with Fox.

-You cannot marry within three years;
-You must be heavily veiled while in public;
-You cannot take public transportation;
-You cannot appear in the theater;
-You cannot attend Turkish Baths;
-You cannot pose for snapshots;
-You cannot close the curtains on the windows of your limousine;
-You can go out only at night.

I am laughing until I can breathe no more. This is truly asinine. I know that it is to keep me in an eternally vamp image, but my goodness!

I am currently working on The Serpent. I see now that Mrs. Miriam Cooper, the wife of my dear director Raoul, is quite the horrid and terrible creature. She adores disliking me, and I can see her harshly looking at me when I am on the set. Apparently, she must be quite wary of this vamp.

[information from Ronald Genini's biography on Theda Bara.]

* * *
So, finally some of my requests for not-so-many vamp roles have been listened to, so this year, I play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.

What a year this will be!

* * *
New year, and new contract.

Some of the specifications make me laugh. I must wear veils in public and I can only go out at night?

The people at Fox are truly hilarious. This comes off as being joke-like to me.

Hopefully, this year will not be as hectic as last year.

* * *
* * *
And hurrah - more Vamp roles.

I'm currently working on "Siren of Hell." This is only my millionth vamp film. Aren't these film just fun?

* * *
[This livejournal will be inactive for 2-3 weeks. Theda will drop in every so often, but don't look forward to it.]
* * *
So I finished the film Carmen. It's a very nice film, and I'm sure some of you may be rather excited to see it because of that small fight that I got into with one of the girls.

However, I'm getting rather tired of all the Vamp roles that they are giving me. I told them during the making of my last film that I'm getting far too many Vamp roles. It's really rather boring. I want to be known as someone who is multi-talented. Being a Vamp just does not suit my personality.

* * *
I've been really busy lately, which one could say is the story of my life.

I just got done with Carmen. They decided to give me the role of Carmen after I started complaining about the inordinate amount of vamp roles that they've been giving me.

I actually got into a fight on the set. Fox was told to bring in an actress and she told to actually try to kill me. I actually simmered quite a hate for this woman, so they were to film a part in the film where we fought. And fought we did. We pulled hair, scratched, bit, punched, and in the end, I was the victorious one.

Don't you just love the power of the films.

* * *
So, The Devil's Daughter is almost ready to be released, and I'm working on yet another film. I'll tell you more about it later.

I just remembered a funny little story. The setting is a Chicago hotel. It was terribly in the hotel that day, and there were several reporters that were supposed to come up to my room and take pictures of me. When they spoke to my publicity team, the door opened and I'm laying on a sofa in furs. I was supposed to act as if I didn't speak any English, because I was supposedly Arabic. It was hilarious, and it was really hard to hold back the laughs.

However, when they left, I had to stick my head out of the window for some air.

The things that your publicity team will make you do...

* * *
* * *