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Theodosia · Burr · Goodman

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My newest film, The Clemenceau Case has been released, and it did very well. Like The Kreutzer Sonata, it is another dramatic tragedy, and my character, Iza Drobomowska, is eventually killed by her husband for being unfaithful. I actually got my first star billing for this one.

Here are a few reviews that I got for it.

Syracuse, NY: "...a devil woman, lasciviously appealing, whose aim in life is to ruin her admirers, the artistic chap who falls victim to her lust, the friend, the friend's wife and the friend's child to add pathos; the artist's dying mother, the final scenes in which the to save the friend the artist murders the woman and gives herself up to the police...it cannot, of course, be recommended for people of high school age."

The Dramatic Mirror:"[Can] any wholly pure minded man or woman could take a great deal of pleasure in witnessing such an exposition of female depravity?"

The Lousiville Herald: "Bara developed a particular serpentine walk..." That "walk" is rumored to be taught to me by Isadora Duncan, who is supposedly a good friend of mine.

So, Eventually I have to go to Florida to start work on my next film, which is due out in June, called The Devil's Daughter.

I am sure of this much - Hollywood is so much more harder than Broadway could ever be. You travel and work so much. Yet, when you see the result, it is all so worth it.
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So, I'm hoping that some of you have seen my newly released film, The Kreutzer Sonata. And yes, my character, Esther Rusoff, is killed by her sister for being an adulteress. I had a dual role in that film, too.

I'm soon going to wrap up work on another film - The Clemenceau Case, in which I play another unfaithful wife. It will be released next month.

I really have a very busy year ahead of me. On average, I will be working on a film a month.

* * *
Well, this year, I am on a strict guideline. I'm working on films all this year. It's incredible. When you find work, you work fiercely.

Let's just say that my character in the Kreutzer Sonata is a Vampish Wife. I'm trying very hard to not give out many spoilers. It is going to be released in March.

[a note from the biographer]Collapse )

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I'm currently working on a new film for Fox, called the Kreutzer Sonata. My role is the character Esther Rusoff. I would love to see how this turns out.

And Happy Birthday, silent_harpist!

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So, I promised all of you that I would provide my "re-written" life story to you. I've finally gotten the chance where I can share it with you all.

So, Mr. Fox asked me about my birthplace, and I told him where I was originally from, but just for the sake of argument, and to sound special, I told him The Sahara Desert. So, he and his publicity people ran with it.

They used the term 'Arab'(which was supposed to be my race) and flipped it backward to get my last name, Bara. (Truthfully speaking, my stage last name came from my grandmother's family, Baranger.)

I was born in 1890, the daugher of Theda De Coppet(my mother's maiden name), who was a French Actress, and Giuseppe Bara, an Italian painter. He and his wife went to the desert, as "my father" had to paint the scenery there. The Sahara Desert, in the shadow of the Pyramids, was where I was born. I was weaned on Serpent's blood when I was little, and I always had a life on the stage and ruining men, even since I was a little girl.


This is delightful. Simply delightful. If anyone is to believe this, I don't know what to think of them.
* * *
* * *
I'm so very sorry that I haven't been writing very much. I am a terribly busy woman at times. Perhaps when things slow down a bit, I will regale you with a little bit more information about me.
* * *
I see that A Fool There Was is a massively successful film. I guess that people did want to see something a little bit different - I didn't even know how it would take, especially since there isn't any part of the ending where I end up dead, or the wife avenges her husband, or something to that effect.

My company, Fox, has even rewritten my history. It's quite entertaining, I must say. Even my name was changed to Theda Bara. Theda is my nickname from childhood, and Bara is my maternal grandmother's middle name. However, they even made my name into an anagram for Arab Death, which is one of the most hilarious things. A name as simple as a nickname and a middle name can become an anagram so dangerous.

I'll tell you about my life story, re-written by Fox, a little bit later, once I can get over my laughing fits.

* * *
Well, I've just come back from the premiere of A Fool There Was, and what a strange film. Most films that are shown during the present time are rather lighthearted and end on a very good note, but this one ended not-so-well. One of my favorite lines in this film is "Kiss me, my fool!" It makes me seem so seductive, yet malevolent.

I do hope that this film serves as a lesson to men that love to flirt with women other than their wives, who slave over them, and watch their children - you don't know how good you have it. And other women may want to watch their husbands a little bit harder. I don't condone this lifestyle, but, alas, it is a reality.

* * *
I am currently working on "A Fool There Was." Mr. Frank Powell is the kind man that offered the role to me. I do believe that it was my debut in "The Stain," as well as my numerous Broadway productions that happened to pique his interest.

My role - a seductress known as "The Vampire." She sucks men dry, and is delightfully vindictive.

I've always wanted to play the role of a sweet girl, much like my dear Gladys and Lillian, but apparently, my looks aren't worthy enough. It makes me laugh. However, I find that when an opportunity presents itself, you had best be ready for it. Besides, I'm not a spring chicken - I'm pushing 30. People like Gladys and Lillian are years younger than I am - I'm practically over the hill.

A vicious woman seems rather interesting though. It could be a welcome change from the virginal, demure characters that are so beloved right now.

I shall see how this one turns out. It could make me, or break me. But either way, I'm interested in seeing this one through to the end.
* * *
This is my first post? It's surprising that I know how to use this interesting little thing called a computer.

I laugh.

However, I find it truly interesting that I try to use my name as what is it called...a username, perhaps? That's it. Well, forgive me for my interrupting, but I do find it rather interesting that I could barely use my own name. Is my legacy truly that of a great one?

Where shall I start...

I was born on July 29th, 1885. My father is Bernard Goodman, and my mother is Pauline DeCoppett. Can you possibly believe that I was once a blonde? Ha! To see me with blonde hair - such a terrible thing. While my childhood was very happy, I had a little sister who was many times cuter than me. I was a chubby little child, while my sister was a doll. I may have had jealous thoughts of her, but she's such a sweet girl, and I love her very much. Lori is such an angel. And I love Mark too.

I grew up a very rich girl. My father was a tailor. However, because he was a Jew, he would be the brunt of a lot of people's prejudice. My mother, however, was from Scandanavia.

I have always wanted to be an actress. I've always had a flair for things like acting and being pretty, even as a little girl. However, when I was in High School, while I was still social, I was an outcast, due to my love of books. If my classmates saw me now, they'd die of shock.

I will use this journal as a chronicle of my film life, and hopefully my later years. Wish me well.
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