theda__bara's Journal

Theodosia Burr Goodman
29 July
I am the woman that the preachers denounce from the pulpit.
I am the woman that makes other women watch their husbands a little bit harder.
I am the woman that empowers other women.
I am the woman that can bring a man to his knees - he sacrifices his livelihood to me.
I am the woman that was Carmen, Cleopatra, Madame DuBarry, Salome and even the Virgin Mary.

I am merely a woman.

I am Theodosia Goodman, better known to the rest of you as being Theda Bara, and this is a journal of me.

The Future of Theda (Not from "Theo" but rather her fan)

Mrs. Bara died on April 7th, 1955 of Stomach Cancer. She was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. She has a star on the walk of Fame located at 6307 Hollywood Boulevard. She was 69.

As Mrs. Bara made 40 film, 36 of them were lost in a large fire at Fox Studios, which include Carmen, Cleopatra and Kathleen Mavourneen. However, 4 prints of her films still remain, including the one that got her the most famous - A Fool There Was. It has been converted to DVD format, and you can buy it on Amazon.com. This is much to the chagrin of her later fans, like myself.

The information that I use on this portrayal of Ms. Bara are Wikipedia and Theda Bara: A Biography of the Silent Screen Vamp by Ronald Genini, and I'm still trying to get a copy of Eve Golden's Vamp: The Rise and Fall of Theda Bara. I would suggest these sources to anyone who is interested in learning more about this mysterious and relatively underrated woman.

DISCLAIMER: I am not really Theda Bara. Theda Bara has long been dead. I have shit to do with her. I am merely a person playing her for an RPG. Join classic_rpg to portray your favorite classic actress.